The SCHEME of Judge Emmit Sullivan hiring Beth Wilkinson and Judge Henry E Hudson hiring Susan R. Podolsky

                   The PATTERN & PRACTICE of JUDGE              TO ENSURE THE OUTCOME IN THE COURTROOM FOR THEIR FRIENDS As we just celebrated Memorial Day in memory of all those that fought in wars for the rights of the freedom of all Americans today, we see more clearly that we do not have those rights today in America. The ABUSE OF POWER BY JUDGE HENRY HUDSON & JUDGE EMMIT SULLIVAN  follows the same pattern & practice that must stop  The Mainstreet Media is ignoring the consequences of these acts and actions to deny justice JUDGE Henrey E. Hudson  vs.  Janice Wolk Grenadier JUDGE Emmit Sullivan vs.  General Michael Flynn                                  Where is the Individual Accountability for Government Wrongdoing  Fighting Government fraud and other misconduct should be a top priority of the Department of Justice.  Our nation's economy depends on the effective enforcement of the civil and criminal laws that protect Americans from our Government system.   Americ

Judge Emmet Sullivan has taken the "LAW" into his own hands and needs to "RECUSE" and "RESIGN" as a Judge

  JUDGE EMMET SULLIVAN IS TAMPERING WITH THE DOCKET  OF THE GENERAL FLYNN CASE Judge Emmet Sullivan & FBI  vs.  USA & General Flynn That on May 6, 2020, Janice Wolk Grenadier (JWG)  Intervened as many have done in the past in support of General Flynn.   That on May 7, 2020,  the DOJ filed to have the case Dismissed. That on or around May 12, 2020, Judge Sullivan decided he wasn't going to drop the case.  He would allow anyone that felt that General Flynn had "lied" to Intervene in support of him being found guilty.   That on May 13, 2020,  JWG filed a Motion for  Judge Emmet Sullivan  to Recuse.  You can read it at:  June 1, 2020, will launch  That Judicial Pedia will be a unique and new way for the people of the United Staes of America to "Share their Case" not in the delusional, fanciful, biased way a Judge does.  That the people of America w

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               SUPPORT JUCIDIALPEDIA  Justice for All Judge Emmet Sullivan v. USA & General Flynn    To support JudicialPedia go here: I ask that you give so that we can have a place not run by Government that gives you access to information of a  free and fair Judicial System as guaranteed by the United States Constitution and your State Constitution  JUDICIAL PEDIA LAUNCHES JUNE 1, 2020   For the most part, JudicialPedia will be Americans that have been denied the right of access to the courts i.e. a pro se litigant, or with an innocent victim without having their lives threatened and being Jailed by the Collusion, Racketeering of the Judicial Community. That the Judicial Community polices itself, that an American can go through all channels for help, to be turned away.   The Judicial Community has created smoke and mirrors of Immunity that they have tried to force on the American people, to believe that they are above the law